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8-2-10 This Sac May be Old but it's Still Fun


Woke up at the Martins house with a little Rock Guitar hang over and the only destination in our mind was Old Sacramento (Old Sac). There we walked around the wooden sidewalks that lined the cobblestone streets and browsed the many shops filled with taffy, trinkets, and tons of toys. Next we cruised the strip in our pimped out horse drawn carriage, everyone was jealous. John was getting a little crabby so we decided to hit up Joe's Crab Shack which sits right on the edge of the Sacramento River. And holy "ship"… we got there just in time to take advantage of some lunch specials and happy hour :) We had a fan-SAC-stic day!!!


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8-1-10 Meet the Martins


We started off the day with some good gourmet Mexican/American fusion grub at the good ol Dos Coyotes. After that quick bite we were off to do what all good Rocklinites do… SHOP! Once our pockets were empty and our hands full we headed over to Rancho Cordova to meet up with Jennifer's cousin and her family. O the fun we had eating at the Spaghetti Factory, rocking out with some Guitar Hero, and watching Hot Tub Time Machine.

Meet the Martins:

Lindsey Martin: Sexy mother of 2 who enjoys looking after her little ones, spending time with her hubs, and letting loose with some high kicks on guitar hero.

Jon (no "h") Martin: The one man wolf pack with 2 little wolfetts who doubles as a professional cook and enjoys some of the finest things in life.

Page Martin.: The little girl who cried poo. The big sis of the 2 wolfetts, she enjoys lady bugs, cheese, and Mickey Mouse.

Keira Martin: The smallest of the Martins, Keira is a great little sis who loves butterflies, food, her mother and father, and playing with her little sister Page.

"Say cheese" 3_say_cheese.jpg
5.jpg 6_Jon_n_some_water.jpg
Rockin Out!!!! 5_linds_rockin.jpg7_Rocking.jpg

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Back to San Francisco :)

Eating some food and catching a show with my Bro's n my girl.

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Jennifer and I made plans last week to head into Downtown San Francisco to watch Big Nick's band play. --Meet Big Nick, brother of Frankie, husband of Taryn (AKA: Tar-Dawg), incredible trombone player/architect/businessman/friend/pimp.-- Big Nick offered his 4 bedroom pad about 15 min from the City for Jennifer, Frankie, and myself to stay in... we gladly accepted. After a 4 hour ride and quite a bit of stress, we arrived to Nick's house in Alameda to find an awesome Dim Sum spread with 4 Vietnamese sandwiches waiting right next to an 18 pack of Miller Light (THANKS AGAIN FRANK). Let the fun begin...

Jennifer, Frank and I ate some food and had some drinks at Nicks house before heading to the City to meet up with Keith. We met for dinner #2 at Mona Lisa's #3 (Jennifer's favorite place in San Francisco) and had some pizza and squid ink risotto. After that we met up with Tar-dog, Big Nick, and his band FRO at Mojito's for an incredible show!!

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Sacramento (Rocklin)

Pleasantville USA

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I had to pull out of SF a little earlier than planned but is was all the better. After a 2 hour drive I found myself in a whole new world. Rocklin reminds me of the town the Brady Bunch grew up in, nothing to do but spend time with family, shop, and when your done with that, you can go shopping a little more. With a population of nearly 55,000 and enough shopping for nearly a million, ROcklin truly is "the family-friendly city." More about Rocklin later...


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Wharf Day 2

Meet Keith

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Frank and I didn't get enough of the Wharf yesterday so we decided to head back for another round, this time joined by my brother Keith. We ate some delicious crab sandwiches (which is a must for any trip to SF), saw some incredible street performers, and took lots of pictures. On of the street performers were looking for some tall skinny people to volunteer and my brother fit the bill perfectly. I ran out of memory on my camcorder so I only have a little bit of footage, but it's better than nothing. The weather today was about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday with lots of sunshine. Without a doubt this was a much better experience.


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